Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Editorial: The Non-Marvel Shared Universe Movies Need To Stop

(Or: What Hath The Avengers Wrought)
After Marvel's extremely risk plan for combining stand-alone movies into one massive feature film called The Avengers paid off big time, studios began to scramble to join in on the newest cinematic craze; shared universes. The first franchise not from Marvel Studios to test this out was The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which took it's 2012 Andrew Garfield reboot and tired to stretch it to include hints at future spin-offs and sequels. The film was a calamity quality-wise and disappointing financially, which you'd think studios would take as a sign that not all movies need a shared universe.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tension And Romance Go Hand In Hand In New Song From Brad Paisley

Considering all the tropes and cliches dominating country music right now, isn't it nice to look to Brad Paisley for his reliable ability to churn out great pieces of country music? His last tune, River Bank, dabbled in some of bro-countrys cliches, but did manage to be quite a bit of fun. Still, I hoped his newest album, Moonshine In The Trunk, would hold some deeper music from Paisley, and lo and behold, the second single from that album, Perfect Storm, achieves my hopes to a tee.

The Drop Review

Drop It Like It's Hot
Crime movies are a long time staple of American cinema, and for good reason. They take universal feelings all humans face (fear, joy, anger) and apply them to these extremely heightened scenarios. The newest addition this cinematic tradition is The Drop, a drama that is in now way perfect, but does makes for quite an enjoyable viewing.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Hunger Games Mockingjay: Part One Just Got A Freaking Awesome New Trailer

I really did not care for the first Hunger Games movie, with it's poorly written characters and terrible camerawork, but oh my God, I adored the second movie. Catching Fire was easily The Dark Knight of these Hunger Games films, going much deeper into the struggles of the cast of characters to excellent results. Considering the director of Catching Fire (Francis Lawrence) is in charge of both Mockingjay movies, I'm super pumped for the next Katniss adventure, and that excitement has only gone up with this newest trailer that you can watch below.

Box Office Analysis: 2014 Has Been Rough For Family Movies

A lot of things have gone over spectacularly in 2014 cinema, but weirdly, family movies have been having one of their worst years in recent memory. It's not that any of them are tanking in a "Lone Ranger" style, it's just that they're certainly underwhelming mightily compared to years past. The main problem is the huge amount of lazy sequels made this year.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Editorial: Warner Bros. And Disney Are Engaged In A Cinematic Civil War

 Recently, movie studios have made a release date for an upcoming movie far more than just a typical date. Oh no, it's as essential as any other part of the film, with studios grabbing release dates far, far in advance in order to give their film the best possible advantage financially. Studios have always been eager to pick the best release dates possible, but recently, two studios have been using it as a way to compete with each other on a massive scale.

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Frozen Theme Park Ride Is Coming To Walt Disney World

Frozen has become such a cultural phenomenon in only ten months time, with $1.1 billion generated at the worldwide box office alone, plus untold amounts of cash in merchandising and home video. So in an event that shocks nobody, Frozen is going to have its own attraction at Disney World starting in early 2016.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Editorial: Country Music Has Been Ruined By Sexism

Country Music has always had its fair share of cliches, but in the past they seemed more charming than anything else. After all, they were usually dealt with some form of self-awareness, such as in Kenny Chesney's She Thinks My Tractors Sexy, which the title alone lets you know the song is more than a bit tongue-in-cheek. But now the cliches are being reused constantly, the worst part being they're being used in the same fashion each and every time. Cliches are totally fine to utilize if done in a unique manner, and many modern Country Music singers apparently don't even know the word innovation.

Here It Is! The Newest Version of The Batmobile, Zack Snyder Style!

March 2016 isn't too far, in fact, there's only 18 months until it arrives, so by definition, there isn't too much time until Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives (it comes out March 25, 2016 dontcha know). The epic Zack Snyder film has Superman interacting with numerous people from DC Comics, most notably Batman. I'm sure everyone is completely unaware of the fact that Ben Affleck is playing the Caped Crusader, but now we have the first official images of the vehicle Afflecks Batman will drive in the feature.

Box Office Predictions: Dolphins Should Swim Away With Lots of Cash

After some slower weekends at the box office, two new releases (And a third potential one depending on final theater counts) aim to liven things up. They should be successful in this mission, but let's take a look at these new movies and their chances at box office glory.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

As You Might Expect, Morgan Freeman Will Be In Ted 2

The sequel to the delightful 2012 comedy Ted keeps moving forward to its June 26, 2015 release date. The cast already includes returning cast members Mark Wahlberg, Seth Macfarlane and Patrick Warburton (no word yet on if Mila Kunis will come back) and will bring Amanda Seyfriend onboard. Another new addition to the films cast has been added; the incomparable actor Morgan Freeman.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Something Cool! 23 Jump Street Is A-Go!

Few filmmakers have had a better 2014 than Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The duo brought The LEGO Movie to glorious life earlier in 2014, and they were also in charge of one of the summers biggest hits, 22 Jump Street. Man, that was a great film. Hilarious, inventive, smartly script, just a terrific movie. And despite what the entertaining credits for that film implied, it looks like another Jump Street adventure is on the way.

From The Interwebs: The Ducktales Theme Song Reeneacted By Real Ducks Is Ducking Adorable

More adorable duck shenanigans
I've been seeing this video all over the internet today, and as a massive fan of Ducktales (and most of the other Disney Afternoon cartoons for that matter), I loved it. But I told myself I wouldn't post it on this blog, I wouldn't, I wouldn't, I'd go against the flow, I wouldn't join the in-crowd. However, more than a couple rewatches later, I can't help it. Here it is folks, the Ducktales theme song, this time reenacted with real ducks.

So, I Was On Netflix: Arrow Review

Each Tuesday, I review a movie that can be found on Netflix streaming. This week though, I break protocol in order to deliver you a review of the pilot episode of the CW drama Arrow.

DC has had a rough time breaking into non-Batman related success in the world of cinema, but it must be said, their TV offerings are actually quite impressive. The two new shows coming out this Fall based on the companies characters, The Flash and Gotham, are among the most anticipated new programs of the Fall TV Season. The show that helped pave the way for those two 2014 offerings though is 2012 offering Arrow, based on the comic books character (surprise surprise) Green Arrow.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Box Office Analysis: A Quick Look At September 2014 Cinema

Well, with the traditionally lousy post-Labor Day weekend out of the way, there's really nowhere to go but up for September 2014. While this coming weekend will pare in comparison to the same weekend in 2013 when Insidious Chapter 2 reigned supreme, there are much larger movies than usual opening at the end of the month, meaning this particular September could be one of the biggest in history.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Classic Write-Up: The Fighter Review

A Fight (And A Performance) For The Ages

David O. Russell has quickly become one of cinemas most prominent writer/directors thanks to his 2012 and 2014 features Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. Both received critical raves and massive box office, as well as vocal approval from this particular film critic. Both of those films, especially Hustle, are expertly made films, with excellent performances and thoughtful screenwriting. So I was eager to finally catch The Fighter, the movie made just before Russell reached his current popularity.

Release Dates For Two New Sequels Ensure That The Terminator Franchise Will Be Back

The marketing campaign for it hasn't kicked in yet, so most people are likely unaware that a new Terminator film, called Terminator: Genisys will descend on movie theaters everywhere next 4th of July. Paramount Pictures is certainly hoping people show up for the film, and seems to be pretty confident people will adore it judging by the fact that they just scheduled two sequels to the movie 10 months before it even comes out.